• valid_khaled 16w

    Hello Earth?

    Which up is up
    Which direction is down
    The fellow that can distinguish
    Deserves nothing less than a crown
    For I am myself lost
    As a sailor abandoned at sea
    Thrown overboard in the water
    Dragging my head holding it under

    Sentenced to alienation
    Casted away from other beings
    Yet with everyone in sight
    Humans close within my reach
    However so distant and far away
    Like a desert mirage on scorching days
    Leaving a sense of emptiness
    Longing for shelter
    Parched and sore
    Bones which shiver and ache
    To feel warmth of another
    Or their breath on my cheek
    Such peace it would bring
    Oh what a day dream of childish things
    I have never known such a void
    With a magnitude of 10 fold
    Demolishing my spirit to merely dust
    While my empty shell shivers from cold

    As a building torn down
    Dilapidated with moist mold
    Begging for a touch up or two
    Wanting to be good enough again
    I can do it please
    Or just let me fold

    Take a moment from your thinking
    Of thyself never veering
    Or those day dreaming dreamers
    Of a place that does not exist
    A sanctuary style way of living
    With care and kind arms open wide
    Please stop wasting my time

    My inquiry is why
    Why do we lie
    Even if it's a small fib
    Dressed in all white?
    Why tell someone what they want to hear
    To ease and settle their fears
    Only to turn around almost immediately
    And use their truth to your advantage?
    Why do we hate intensely?
    And why are we capable of such thing?
    Why is evil overcoming
    What we call light?
    Why build sometimes broken husk
    Just to drop them again

    Maybe because they're broken
    They won't fight...