• blurryface__14 19w

    I hope you know that struggling to cope up with isn't a sign of weakness.
    You have every right to find hope.
    You have every right to find that teeny tiny piece of happiness.
    Go ahead and,
    listen to that one particular song over and over again.
    read that one meme that makes you laugh.
    watch episodes of "FRIENDS" or "THE OFFICE".
    order a pizza for yourself.

    Sure, some won't get you or your ways.
    Might call you weak.

    Don't let them get into your head,
    They have no idea what you've been through.
    They have no idea what you go through on a daily basis.
    They don't know what it's like to be in your shoes.
    They don't know what rock bottom feels like.
    They don't know what being alone feels like.

    I know.
    I know what it's like.
    the anxiety,
    the pressure,
    the discomfort,
    I know what each and every one of those things feel like.

    There was no one for me when I needed to hear this the most.
    So here I am,
    Telling you that you have every right to shun those who ridicule you for appreciating these little things.


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