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    I met you in summer
    when the days stretched
    endless, and the sun
    was a vicious flame
    an uncontrollable sphere
    a wrecking ball of fire
    and I had words but
    they seemed to be caught
    somewhere between my
    tongue and my breath
    so I watched you glide away
    into the unknown fall
    your laughter the fading
    strains of a folksy death
    and I didn't talk at all.

    You found me in winter
    collecting the morning dew
    it was cold, but your heart
    was colder, and our thoughts
    disappeared into the misty view
    I poured a drink, melted the ice
    watched you twirl your hair
    as you rolled the dice
    a gambler's soul
    scorning the past
    playing an evanescent role
    never meant to last.

    - Avitaj

    @dopamine @raika_ @writersnetwork

    Picture credit- Maria Vojtovicova

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    Fire And Ice

    I met you in summer
    You found me in winter