• raghavendran 142w

    Aliens and their Side of the Story

    Aliens from space land on earth and try to befriend the earthlings and establish relationship. But unfortunately their efforts end in vain since human beings were scared and rush back leaving the aliens bewildered. This poem is a result of my having read many reports in the dailies and also having watched movies on aliens from space.

    Aliens and Their Side of the Story.

    We are aliens from the Milky Way
    Who landed here just yesterday,
    We saw some who were unlike us,
    They were earthlings, we guess.

    They took to their heels on sighting us,
    Scared probably at the strangeness
    Of our appearance and colour:
    Their faces turned to a sickly pallor;

    Curiosity seemed to have won them,
    One by one they slowly came
    And stood far away in a defensive stance
    To run back, if something happened, per chance;

    We shouted to them in a loud voice
    Drowning their cacophonous noise,
    “We have been watching you for a while,
    Even from a distance of a mile;

    We are from outer space,
    We want to talk to you face to face,
    There stands our space ship,
    We’re here for your friendship”

    Strange might have been our language and speech,
    Which must have seemed like a screech,
    For with shaking limbs and bulging eyes,
    They ran back with loud cries.

    Raghav R
    10 Oct. 2019