• aleesa 22w

    narrow roads with old trees
    would lead to my old home
    a place in the country side
    filled with hopes and dreams

    my wild heart often wandered
    beneath the calm summer sky
    and the icy brook used to bring
    peace to my burning soul

    now there's a tattoo on my shoulder
    resembling a home amid pine trees
    the place i had to leave behind
    on the day i turned fourteen

    i packed my innocence in the box of cruelty
    and left my childhood to die on the blue swing
    i locked the windows of my new house
    so the sunlight does not find me

    instead of flowers, my hands now
    pluck the burden of a lifeless life
    and now I chase the thoughts of death
    instead of butterflies

    an old mustard sweater
    sometimes smells like the countryside
    it was something I would wear
    apart from a lively smile

    the taste of blossoms and snow
    is still fresh on my parched lips
    something that keeps me away
    from tasting my crimson death

    ©aleesa || January 22' 22


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    "now i chase the thoughts of death
    instead of butterflies..."