• kairos_ 114w

    Validation innate
    by birth,
    trophies and praises
    that outgrow their shelves
    kept on show
    for past smiles
    with an ever losing shine.

    Acquired it
    a field of mango trees
    adored for their
    sweet worded fruits
    a neem tree ignored
    for its honesty, instead
    declared bitter and envious.

    Given and taken
    when old,
    a part of the crowd
    that believed to
    stand not on their feet but
    walking on toes to stand out
    to catch hold of even an
    appreciative smile,
    tending to always
    smile first.

    Validation died
    when contentment knocked,

    knocking on fragile doors
    built with ego
    meant only to fall.

    - T.S.

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    asking for words,
    only good ones
    to calm nerves,
    otherwise it burns."