• hemantpuri 135w

    Source : The Weeknd

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    Never need a bitch, I'm what a bitch needs
    Trying to find the one that can fix me
    I've been dodging death in the six-speed
    Yeah, I want it all now
    I've been running through the pussy, need a dog pound
    Trying to love me but they never get a pulse down

    Cause I'm heartless
    And I'm back to my ways
    This pain got me heartless
    Low life for life
    Said I'm heartless
    Trying to be a better man
    Never be a wedding plan for the heartless

    Selling dreams to these people with their guard down
    I've been swimming with the sharks now

    I lost my heart and my mind
    I tried to always do right
    I thought I lost you this time
    You just came back in my life
    You never gave up on me
    I'll never know what you see
    I don't do well when alone
    You hear it clearly in my tone....