• ade___ 28w

    Memory of Broken Pine

    I remember falling asleep everyday
    On the commute
    Be it bus or train
    I slept through the sultry heat
    As the breeze washed across my dry skin.
    And somewhere along the way-
    Do you remember opening your eyes
    From a long hungered sleep?
    And how the sceneries changed
    From concrete buildings to pine trees
    From traffic horns to chirping birds
    From the hunting heat to the calming cold
    From an unencumbered loneliness
    To a heart full of friends.
    The music we blasted along the way
    And the smiles we shared
    All the promises we made to each other

    It all came crashing crumbling crippling down upon
    And here we are now
    Forgotten in tears and forgetting to cry.

    Do you remember the broken pine?
    The one we touched and carved our names upon
    And dreamt of a life of joy and love
    The one which we still carry broken pieces of?