• zikra_ 8w

    My own cosmos within four walls

    Room isn't the word that I'll use to describe the space that has been so close to me. I'll rather call it my own cosmos. A place which is not so grand, not so tidy, not so big but still its mine.

    Being an Indian child, I always craved for having a room of my own which I couldn't get cuz I've to share it with my siblings. I still have space within the room that makes me feel like home.

    A room whose dimension is unknown to me but it covers a whole lot of me. The walls are painted with a mixture of salmon and crepe. Cupboard covered with tons of my paperwork and there comes my table sitting on which I complete more than half of my day.

    Study table is not just for studying, I must say. I, sometimes, sit there to explore the muses trapped in my head to pen down on paper. That tiny space gives me magical vibe. One little diary kept on the table that enrolls my do's and undo's. In short, a to do list which I don't complete often.

    And then comes my couch, that has remnants of satisfactory sleep which I don't get now. Things are being more chaotic every single day. But, that room is enough to cool down the blazing rage inside me.

    //Space which is not the garden but still helped me bloom//