• sayan251 108w


    I had long way to go,
    There was nothing I owe.

    The journey of my life
    To achieve the goal, to survive.

    Trees are planted by the people,
    Which has roots of discourage and leaves of evil.

    In the journey I found a river,
    Of my mistakes, which always trigger.

    It wasn't the complication to my journey overall
    The chief problem was the WALL.

    The WALL of fear.
    It was Towering, well built so that no one could bare.

    I perceive that the WALL has no existence in the real world.
    I hunt the origin of the WALL, but I found no where except in my imaginary world.

    I climb the WALL, and saw world behind the WALL.
    As soon as I entered the world behind the WALL,

    Wow! I realize how strong I am, I can achieve my goal,
    Because I saw MAGIC BEHIND THE WALL.