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    A letter to the 5 year old me

    Dear little me ,

    Can I see you again ? Can I become the same little butterfly fluttering without any fear?
    You dazzled like a princess framing your own fairytale . But were you aware that fairytale would turn out to be the worst nightmare? You were like a beautiful flower blooming blissfully without the fright of being plucked.
    You were fearless procuring felicity in every little thing present around you. It was the time when the mighty sweet candies made you smile when you ought to cry because you fell while playing . You were like a white lily full of innocence blossoming in the garden called 'world' unaware of the atrocities of the world which you would have to face in future. With thousands of silly illogical questions arising in your little mind you would get appeased by the answers given by your mom even though they weren't right .
    When world was full of chaos you were at peace revelling your own company and playing with your tiny toys . You were busy making beautiful memories with your best friend without the fear of being drifted apart from her. You used to cry when you were sent to school , you never want to stay away from your mom but gradually you loved playing with alphabets and chanting nursery rhymes. It was the time when you loved dreaming even though it was never meant to be fulfilled. You were a little girl contentedly enjoying your existence unaware of the fact that you will have to question your own existence one day .
    I wish I could tell you earlier about the struggles you have to face. I wish you knew how cruel the world is , you won't find anyone to admire you even in between the crowd. I wish you knew you will have to face heartbreak and it might get hard to trust your own self . I wish you knew your friends will abandoned you one day. I wish you knew someday you won't be passionate about your dreams . I wish you knew someday you will lose yourself. I wish I could have made you a little stronger to fight hard with the circumstances.
    I want to reconcile with you to rejuvenate those beautiful memories which were no more beautiful.
    But I can reminisce my childhood only in those old photographs , in those old smiles which are lost now and even those memories are dwindling away.
    I wish I could meet you once.

    Your younger self