• taraprasenna 25w

    Idk why, but it's definitely not mine, so credits goes to who knows who the great.

    Imagine you have a word phobia, not only fear but happiness. You'll feel that. It aches and gets peaceful too. Dude that's life.

    And don't forget to use people for yourself. Coz that certifies you as a bitch and damn gurl ya boi...you lost your respect that I held in myself if you used me.
    Beleive it or not. I never lied to the ones who I adore ..that doesn't mean I lie. I'm honest as long as you are. And I never USED people in my life. I just try to be sweet or kind as you may say, and they don't give a fuck.

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    Those Words

    "I could never. I love you just the way you are. Every flaw you say you have, I consider it as a quality. Every insecurity you have, I consider them you're best features. Every inch of you, I consider it to be perfect. But, accept your flaws, because that's what love is. I've learnt to love you through your flaws, and love them as well. I've accepted you. All of you. And I'm not letting you slip away from my reach. I want us to be together"