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    Dear soulmate..

    Do you exist? Do you live in this city? Or the next? In this country? In this universe? In this dimension or another? Inconsiderate of where you are if fate puts us at same place , will zephyr tie our red nodes in that tiny moment. Or your presence will turn my tongue sour? Will every inch of epidermis burn with blues that flow in my nerves? Since I despise everything about me and you are everything about me.

    I wonder if you too feel involuntary pain, sadness or sudden rush of tears without reason? And then a tiny voice gasps and murmurs its your soulmate ? Felt that gush of happiness which I rarely feel when my father embrace me? The fear of abandonment, when I desperatly dig my claws in that last inch of hope. Do you feel my existence?

    Who are you? The brown eyes ,cute smile and curly hair guy who I liked alot in middle school? Or the one who pulled me out of trouble everytime in high school? Or you were my first heart break? Or we are yet to meet..? Anyway I'm no Aricia, I'm that masochist warrior who is scared. I wear sad smile with baggy clothes and my eyes long for skies.

    I never wrote for you. You were always a last wish of mine that never made its way out from my mind. You were kept behind a door called "high expectations " and I never had enough courage to open it but right now when I peek through it, it's beautiful and yet childish. I want to know your thoughts about "soulmates" and make chain of beads of your thoughts so that I can tie it around my heart for it to know boundaries.

    Does the weight of anxiety crush you and make nights unbearable? Your wrists itch for new cuts to serve as distraction for pain? Do you often beg this universe to make it a little easier on you? Have you grown up too early? Are you fragile like my heart ? Or you fall beautifully like cherry blossom? Do you look for reassurance if someone will be there for you? Then don't worry, I will be there on other end of this.

    Life is being a great joke right now. Waking up in morning is like being forcefully pulled into warzone.Everyday is a new pain and not a soul to share with. So where are you mate? Your mate needs you. I have damaged myself at an alarming rate. That one wish to meet you might stay in box of unfulfilled wishes , which is already very heavy.

    I have been a rock for too long . But now there are cracks in this stone. Emotions seeped through and turned it fragile.Now the sand of it have asked winds for new home. With every moment slipping away, I'm afraid you might just remain one of my vague wish. So before next tides wash me away , I hope you find my adobe.


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