• bluegreensky 32w

    When all your life you wandered not knowing what you were after, if you climbed mountains only to go down and climb another, if you travelled miles not knowing your feet were bleeding, if all the tiredness sat in your bones and someone comes and offers you a little rest, love is what that rest feels like.

    Its the warmth of the sun that springs life in your skin that has been cold for too long, its the kiss of a child on your cheek when he doesn't know what it means, its the hope of a seed for the greatness of a tree it will one day take pride in being, its the silence of mountains when you stare at them for a while too long to find their green exact same shade of the diary you once had in your youth.

    Its the colours you wanted, never had, never knew you really wanted, but when finally one day someone sits beside you as quietly as someone can, and you don't feel the need to say anything, cause they fill you with something that's calm, soft but strong, make your heart smile, the kind you never knew existed...
    know that you are falling in love.


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