• pen_and_paper 31w

    There was a river down the bay,
    how hard it did hit me everyday,
    I was lost to the beautiful sinister,
    I changed a lot
    to become monster.

    People around seemed so happy all the same,
    I was a wanderer
    a shy monster without a name,
    the monster knew witches,
    knew witchcraft,
    in search of a name i did split in half.

    Ran ran away to the east, sent my other half to West,
    A blacksmith on the village gate caught my interest,
    Oh, ugly man abandoned of fire and rain,
    you're such a poor, give me your name.

    He trembled and cried,
    refused to sacrifice,
    It was tough to convince a-nothing-left-to-lose man it seemed,
    A promise to make him wealthy, let me swing inside him.

    He became popular over the town,
    The king in the city a till-yesterday-clown.
    He grew and grew
    became rich,
    till one day people caught him shouting,
    the monster inside me is getting so big.

    (T B C)


    Based on a story used in anime *monster*

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