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    This may be good, bad or may just crossed the margin line whatever be it ..let it be ! This theme is inspired from @pen_and_paper's work .

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    A Tughluq's Reverie

    Assiduous polity oath
    The labyrinthine common
    An ostensible tale of life
    And refurbished society
    As the speaker ,
    On behalf of Stars and God.

    With each faith
    They spread the stones of
    Dominance and Power
    And on the board of gambling
    Money , the ladder to heaven
    Create the new saints on earth .

    Shining in white and silver
    With humble smile
    The speaker of God
    Become the new God ,
    And fortuneteller with
    Status and designation.

    On the terrain plain
    The ones with dreams of new hopes
    Followed the new bottled old rules
    With blindfolded hues of new Sunshine
    And shades of prosperity
    Far from ocean of reality
    We ship together to that shore ,
    But never reached :
    As the end is still the endless lies .

    Again I'm getting myself ready to be blind
    For another wealthy society
    Without suicides of farmers ,
    And unemployed youth
    And a society where
    Social equity is upheld
    But beautiful Canvas stays painted
    With a forever note on the side !