• rishabhpal22 100w

    You walk, as if your calf wasn't axed
    You smile for your own child
    How much of it was real to you?
    Were you alive, or was I?
    Oh how you laugh! How jovial!
    Your hands, oh so free!
    Free of lead you ground to death
    While another lay asleep!
    Of what was known, you never cared
    Remember? Remember me?
    And remember the third child
    You strangled with glee?
    Remember the bedding?
    Surely, you must see
    The children in their slumber
    Should've stabbed you by decree
    But what if it were a dream?
    What if that is your plea?
    What if there was no witness
    To your blasphemy?
    How many since have had to let it bleed?
    While you wore your elders
    And your child to shield your deed?
    What if a lotus blooms on your saffron gown?
    How far will you have walked till I have shot you down?
    I, or the Third, or your own firstborn?
    Who knows in how many ways
    You stung him with your thorns?
    Naked shall they stand,
    Your venom-laden fangs
    While the ash of your conscience
    Off my ballpoint hangs.