• scrawled_soul_ 60w

    Live in the Moment.

    moon come and shine,
    It is already half past nine,
    I finished dinner of mine,
    I think it's time to rhyme.

    For quite a long now,
    There is a void,
    My pen seems to be paralysed,
    And my ink dried.

    Thoughts of quitting flood my mind,
    All sort of negativity struck mankind,
    For I don't see hope to write,
    Maybe it's time to wind.

    As I gear up to wrap,
    I see some stars up there,
    Then just beneath them I see lives,
    Lives who do not care about surrounding anywhere.

    Sparkling eyes, beautiful smiles.
    For them the moment is the truth,
    They live in the jiffy,
    Not agitated by any forthcoming despair.

    I think we adults are sleuth,
    Following the trails of anguish,
    It's time to learn from the youth,
    The delight of moment, which is the truth.