• sonakshiarora 46w

    When we were little
    Our mothers used to tell
    Stories of pretty damsels
    Living in distress
    So we took to understand
    When life seemed blue 
    There's always a fine prince
    Coming to our rescue 
    They never told us how
    We never questioned why
    The pauper always needed
    A prince for her to pacify
    It took us long to realise
    We aren't Snow White
    Albeit the same adversaries
    We get no royal respite
    Our shoes must fit perfect 
    They can't slip off our feet
    We've got to run our race
    There's no time to sit and weep
    No stroke of luck, no magic wands
    No godmothers to set our sails
    There's no guarantee of happy endings
    Our lives aren't fairytales