• tengoku 83w

    WN doing saste nashe these days.

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    Father {Far(there)}

    You're a masterpiece of God,
    embedded by the pearls of gold.
    I'm one of his abhorrent mistakes,
    full of scars and dipped in coal.

    You're an ocean of peace,
    quenching thirst of hope and love.
    I'm a burning piece of chaos,
    whose world is dark and sky is rough.

    You're the purest song of virtues,
    sung by the angels of heaven.
    I'm a torn piece of sin,
    chanted in the hell by the demons.

    You deserve universe,
    you deserve every single drop of love.
    But you were gifted me,
    who's a piece of void and never enough.

    You're the galaxy of brightest colours,
    and people say that I'm a piece of you.
    Then why I'm a fallen star of your sky,
    hated by light, loved by the darkest hue?