• smartsam 17w

    Love Absolute!

    Beauty of eyes is good
    yet beauty of vision very good!
    Cute those lips ahh!
    Words escalate super
    those forgo blah blah!

    Cute those cheecks
    yes so appealing!
    Untainted natural still
    true beauty revealing!

    Tight apparels maybe
    for whatever reason!
    Figure natural docile,curved
    mind-blowing every season!

    Bloom those curves
    heartbeats throb more!
    True magnificent beauty
    witness face whole night
    spent amidst spheres!

    Cute that curve
    swaying, dwindling waist!
    Only arms knows cuteness
    that fit in it soft best!

    "I Love You" said it's nice
    again & again!
    When love blooms
    deep in heart though
    its love absolute then!