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    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    How come we editing models
    Yo, ain't they already pretty?
    I need someone to explain this
    I guess I'm just not that witty

    We wiping out imperfections
    While adding filters galore
    All day we splicing and dicing
    'Til nothing's real any more

    We photo shoppin' them models
    We poppin' pills, drinkin' bottles
    We think we livin' the life
    Full speed ahead, on full throttle

    Yo, now we messin' with music
    Tunes sound all whacked out and crazy
    Been edited to perfection
    Man, this is trifling and lazy!

    Meanwhile, nobody's listening
    And nobody learned
    But knowledge ain't free friend
    You gonna get what you earned

    Y'all hear that deafening silence?
    Let me explain the distinction
    It's getting scary out there
    Mankind is facing extinction

    But don't get me wrong folks
    I'm cheerfully pessimistic
    Sometimes I get on a soapbox
    And go a little ballistic

    Hey yo, I think what we need is
    An epilogue to this story
    It's 'bout that time for a full stop
    Stop chasing after false glory

    Let's put an end to this nonsense
    By drawing up a conclusion
    Let's do away with the drama
    It's time to quell the confusion

    But if you think that it's over
    You've clearly misunderstood
    'Cause this is just the beginning
    We changing bad up to good

    How 'bout we really be real?
    What a relief that would bring!
    Alright, I'm done with this preaching
    Come on, let's go do this thing!
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 10/23/2021

    @miraquill @writersnetwork Many kind thanks for Editor's Choice, as well as for your supportive efforts throughout the forum!! ����

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