• solivagant_soul 9w

    With time and memories, love and attachment grows. That's the reason why few old things
    in our homes are so hard to discard.

    Para 1: Decrepit radio
    Para 2: Shabby vespa
    Para 3: Old Chifforobe

    Prompts used:

    • The noise is music to his ears
    • Love is a growing garland
    • Life is a barren field frozen with snow
    • A light in the sea of darkness

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    With the dawn permeating on the limpid
    azure and our salutations returned with
    few more beams of sunlight
    The perpetual fulcrum of morning's delight,
    the archaic decrepit Radio parked on the
    topmost shelf of the wardrobe.
    Persistently in his austere demeanour my
    father with his oblong eyewear reposed
    on the lower part of his nose bridge swirls
    the convex switch to and fro.
    An immutable clamorous hullabaloo to others
    But, the noise is music to his ears, he repostes
    its vigour that radiates even after decades.

    When summers aren't amber with sunshines
    And the ether in winters is crystal clear
    like flutes of Champagne,
    With the contemporary scooter placed
    in the side of the backyard.
    He kickstarts the passé , shabby vespa
    to a point of ad nauseam ,
    The mere purpose to keep it alive.
    Since, thousand memories were binded
    in its wheels, the first salary of an
    aspired job, birthing it.

    On some tranquil, sombre evenings,
    when even the streets doesn't diffuse a
    concoction of laughters and murmurs,
    The black holes of my father's heart that
    spawn thousand perils like half eaten
    crayons of a child, then replenish
    itself with his hands slowly opening the Old,
    rickety chifforobe, that mom and dad
    purchased shortly after their marriage
    Exquisite souvenirs of my mother,
    few mekhela chadars and dainty
    ornaments treasured carefully in a shelf,
    unfurling a smile across his face.

    Life is a barren field frozen with snow
    where Love and Attachment is a
    growing garland that permeates light
    in the sea of its darkness.