• richadas911 134w

    Cherry blossoms

    You bloom with a new hope of something for someone.
    Spreading your veil of love.
    You mark the onset of freezy winter,
    That warm knitted momma's cardigan is finally out of my closet.
    So much of preparation is on the go,
    Do you mind to listen or you already know ?
    It seems you got news of homecomings,
    the long awaited meeting, the festive and the greetings.
    The sky is smeared in pink again as toxicity is flushed out in the rain.
    Years by years you have been the highlight of every writer's mind.
    Penning down your beaut,your incessant tales.
    And there I am.. one of those uncounted dreamers, waiting for the nostalgic moments.
    In hope that someday I can share .