• _sahista_ 24w

    The place looks still the same,
    The only change is that after a decade,
    There are more than 100 names written on the tree,
    Which previously had only one name Rose...

    He met Rosa here in this garden,
    10 years ago she was digging a hole,
    For planting the baby tree with her soft hands,
    After almost 1 hour when she was done,
    She wrote her name with his,
    Just like the baby of his she has been carrying inside her womb...

    She was happy that her World is complete,
    As she do not need anything,
    But every happiness faces it's fate,
    When at the time of delivery,
    Rose has taken her last breath...

    Along with the child rose lost her life,
    He have to live alone,
    For the rest of his life,
    He loved her alot the things were good between them,
    But then why God has snatched his soulmate, his lover?

    The tree reminds him of her,
    & Every year he keeps coming here,
    In the same place,
    With the hope that maybe he will feel something,
    & Free the doctor who operated her,
    But he returned back to the basement,
    Provide food to the innocent man and then locked him there in the dark prison cell,
    As a punishment for not saving his child & her woman from the death bed...

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