• sayitsme 40w

    As days passes

    The light from my window
    tickles my cheeks with an innocent greet
    The wind, my cheeks have just felt
    Brought the rain to my eyes

    It's been awhile for you've gone for a while
    I'm left with hopes evergreen forever
    As days passes I've left the light agone
    The obsessions for attempting the illusion

    You say you'll come as for now it's late
    I say you stay in the place you have
    I promise nothing would ever stay the same
    As promises never remained my name

    As days passes , a new wish inside me
    Urges to come and visit this place
    I've derived it for a year
    But I feel it deserves a mere sight

    As days passes my wishes uprises
    Old would stay , but the new won't wait
    They wouldn't meet the half way
    Like the way my does for you

    Tash L.bhutia