• sillyoldsoul1111 66w

    The world is not toxic.. the primary environment you grew up in was toxic. That has embedded triggers within you.

    Triggers are just parts of us, angry with us for not allowing them to be seen for who they are.
    A part of us that wants to be soft but not allowed to be so.
    That wants to talk but not allowed to do so..
    That wants to laugh but not allowed to act so..

    These parts are like little children angry within their home( that's you) because they aren't allowed to be seen. These children start screaming and yelling to be heard whenever somone arrives at the doorstep, (whenever you engage with the world) & it becomes a huge job for you to deal with these children to keep them quiet & interact with the world at the same time, making you think that the problem is the person arriving at your doorstep that they are toxic , that the world is toxic but actually it's just the parts of you that want to be seen, create chaos, when you suppress them due to shame.

    As and how you allow these little children to be seen, as and allow these different parts of you to be seen as they are, your interaction with the world becomes very smooth and easy. The will be no chaos everytime a stranger arrives at your door step.