• aditii_ 19w

    Sentence - what is the colour of hope?
    Word - Night.


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    What is the colour of hope?

    Hope is a colourless canvas, you yourself or someone else paints it for you. it's a blank sheet of life where you stitch stories, your stories give you hope.

    Hope might not have a colour but it has connections. those connections vibrate colours of rainbow to you.

    Sometimes, night feels like a colour of hope on my grey palette.
    it paints the constellations buried in sky's womb. the twinkling stars, twirl on the beat of night blooming flowers.

    Whereas everyone considers night as the dark hours, my heart says, it's a fallen leaf of blooming star. I cry in the darkness, and that sky hears me. The cosy moon gleams to just make me smile. Night is not only a hope, but an incarnation of my mother's face.

    The night radiates hope.
    darkness is the colour of hope.