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    "Our Intentions, Our Reality"
    Final Chapter -

    Botchling: The Conclusion…
    - By Raj Kashyap

    A bad soul is always get,
    Trapped in its own bad apple,
    Each morning a shock to return,
    To the cut soul.

    Well Roses are dead,
    Woefully, the Violets are dead too,
    A day will come for sure when,
    Even the dead will tell stories too.

    We make our own monsters,
    Then fear them for what they,
    Show us about ourselves.

    Epinephrine circulating my bloodstream,
    Like my heart will burst up pumping,
    Increased breathing, throat parched,
    Abruptly, wetting up my lingerie.

    I pinched myself thinking of a nightmare,
    The entire heaven covered with gore,
    That cold ain’t a weather, but the
    Death nudging me; my father added.

    “iiffffff you loveeee themmm….
    They’ll loveee you toooo…
    The wayyyyyy you seeee themmm,
    The wayyyyy they seeeee youuuu!!!!!

    I perceived one’s humming around,
    It’s a high pitched soprano voice,
    Possibly, a female voice singing,
    Melodies of the twilight.

    I glanced back, felt a gust of breeze,
    The 3 enduring graves were sealed too.
    Vilely, the graves singing the melody,
    Gore oozing from those 2 untold graves.

    Clouds roaring, drizzling then started,
    I opt to unveil the secret for then,
    My breasts completely drenched in rain,
    I decided to shovel up the sepulchers.

    I find eye balls after shoveling the first,
    Green melanin in its iris, tinged with gore,
    Spheroid in shape, all loosing hope,
    Red veins making a lattice around it.

    I wondered a piece of fabric in second,
    Same as my father scrubbing his face with,
    Tinged with blood, Mitera teal blue in color,
    Very likely of a lady, young in age.

    I then found a scrap of ephemera in third,
    Titled as “Botchling to Luberkin”.
    Undersign as Chloe. Those scrap stifles,
    Figures about turning botchling to luberkin.

    Petrified, shoveled a skeleton in fourth,
    Of a lady, Dressed like a newly-wed,
    Tiring shiny anklets, long earrings,
    Bloody red bangles tinged with blood.

    Discovered a scrap of meat in fifth,
    Misfortune in the sixth, may be the
    Botchling rose at the ephemera,
    I perceived at the third sepulcher.

    “Dear lord!!!! The lord of air & water,
    The lord of birth & death!!!!! I request you
    To give this botchling, a chance of survival”…
    I prayed; acc. to the words in ephemera…

    Stunningly, ray of hope materialize,
    A bright light shines into my vision,
    A soul of a newborn luberkin transpire from,
    The grave & enjoins me to go after her.

    Our voyage, then keeps sliding like a curve,
    I then arrived at an old premise, old tacky,
    Covered with lattice, woods turned black,
    I then saw an outline in the outskirts there.

    I felt gust of warm breeze desperate to whisper,
    I’m Chloe; this luberkin could be my child,
    If she’s alive; the outline added gently.
    I was one, killing people eyes with vengeance.

    I petrify; though asked why? She replied,
    I use to dance for sake of some money,
    An orphan, but definitely not a whore!!!
    Men went crazy about my body & dance.

    People, always stare at me lustfully,
    Your dad use to visit me daily,
    We both fell for each other in love,
    I was going to be a mother soon.

    Once twilight; few started teasing me,
    Fully drunk, it was the janitor & the guru,
    Started showing their colors, violating me,
    I cried; wept for aid, I screamed!!!!!
    A lady saw me; instead of helping, ran away.

    Your dad then dropped in; love of my life,
    But fate had turned the tables upside down,
    Instead of helping; they all raped & ended my life.

    They burnt my premise;
    Killed my innocent child;
    From this, I decided to rip off
    The eyes of everyone whose
    Responsible for my this state.

    “The way you seek this world,
    The same way this world seek you”…
    - By Raj Kashyap

    Our Intentions, Our Reality

    The End!!!!

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    Botchling : The Conclusion