• for_my_unicorn 48w

    For my beautiful angel urf unicorn

    In this journey of life, you have so much to achieve, so many skies to smile at, so many people to meet. The life ahead is waiting to be touched by your angelic aura. When you would move forward, you would come across different aura and different variety of people, on few occasions you would want to open your heart and squeeze out all the pain you have been hiding behind your smile in front of them but some special breed of people wouldn't be able to understand your pain. Their words and sympathies may tire your heart because they wouldn't be able to comprehend that you don't need any kind of unjustified relatability from them towards your situation, you just need a heart which can understand yours, a soul which can hold yours in a comfortable embrace.

    But darling, I want you to hold onto patience at those times. I know you wouldn't easily let down your guards and pour out your pain but whenever you would do it and if the other person doesn't understand you then please hold on to the hand of patience. Please try not to frustrate yourself. It's just we are people with different mentalities, people with something else in our mind and something else in our reactions and that's why I always say that you stand different in this crowd. A girl with utmost purity in her thoughts, in her heart, in her soul.

    Honey, just remember that if any such situation occurs where people intensify your pain then just stop and look back, I would be there only one step beside you. Ready to hug you with comfort, ready to be there for you with our favourite pizza, ready to lay peace on all the chaos bubbling inside you.

    I love you

    Yours, miss kindness

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