• shrihari_nandini 13w

    Scorching spring

    By Bhavya Gogia

    Dozing and drifting to my soul
    Through the spring afternoon mirth
    Trespassing my own limitations
    And pondering again over my worth
    I burst the bubbles of happiness
    Daring to touch my fate,
    I curl up in the arms of anxiety
    And your touch is all I await
    But oh father, brilliant like sun
    Where is your unequalled charm
    What guardian leaves a daughter astray
    If he didn't mean her harm?
    But I know still oh father dear
    Farther even if you stay
    You care about me but not for me,
    That you kill me everyday
    I painted our dreams on a canvas
    Which was torn to shreds by time
    I pushed you away and became a demon
    Cursed by faults, stark and sublime
    I fell deeper and deeper still
    Stabbed by every concomitant vice
    Like a man of honour falls
    For a damsel's deceiving eyes
    But isn't that what you planned
    I should've known from your first frown
    For me to be a lesson of adherence
    To your words wise and old
    Where does this superiority take us?
    If not in the laps of hell
    Which burns not just in the nether
    But within our hearts as well