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    Wake up, you say
    as you shake my hair
    Look, you say
    while the morning
    sun falls flush
    on my face
    What, I say,
    is it that
    has lit a fire
    in your eyes;
    and your fingers
    are an arrow
    as I follow
    your silent trail
    to the skies
    and glimpse a
    rainbow come our way.

    Name the stars and
    constellations, you say
    in a falsetto voice
    so I start speaking
    in a half trance
    "Sirius, Andromeda,
    Bellatrix, Regulus"
    and this time
    you shake your hair
    and say those are
    names of Harry Potter
    characters and I
    sigh and confess
    that those are
    the only celestial
    names I know.

    And we go on
    talking, late into
    the night, word
    after word, one
    question after another
    outside the dew
    stained glass window
    the sky changes colour
    and the Earth's axis
    tilts once more
    and we continue
    to spar with words
    spilling secrets and
    laughing at jokes
    until we know
    each other as well
    as two people can
    ever hope to know.

    - Avitaj

    @despair @dopamine @thegreymetaphor @greypages_

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    Rainbow In The Skies

    If these years have taught me anything, it is this: you can never run away. Not ever. The only way out is in.

    - Junot Diaz