• rishabhpal22 96w

    The Corpse and the Messiah

    The farthest I've walked is farther still
    Boots shed, voice chopped down to a shrill
    Proclamation of a Messiah
    To the feet-swollen wrinkled corpse
    Melting into the cracked asphalt
    To the hungry, to the loathsome
    To that selfish scalded flesh
    It whispers
    'Your nerve shall be yours
    With your twisted, placid lies
    Together, are your only owned
    Your truth is willed to none,
    Mine is to Life'

    Turning, the Messiah's smirk
    Cut short by a morbid jerk
    Pushed to the crackling heat
    Its skin stuck to the asphalt
    With this corpse standing over
    Spat out in disgrace
    Oh Glorious Messiah
    Oh Wise Bearer of Truth
    Don't you see?
    Oh how you do delude!
    They who stand on this road
    And burn away to obscurity
    Leaving it's crackling jaws behind
    Are not the Messiah and this corpse
    But you alone, O Messiah!
    Solely you!