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    11 March 2022 2.49 pm


    Samsara - the indefinitely repeated cycles of birth, misery, and death caused by karma

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    Sillage of Samsara

    Aurora clawed at Nyx's clouds
    Shedding cottoned charcoal down
    And lighting a golden lamp that
    Glowed grand all over the globe

    Nyx's tears were opaque dew drops
    Something ordinary eyes found so off
    But I saw a veil wrapping untold grief in
    Grids of glossy moss, an unrivaled beaut

    I was barefoot and brokenhearted
    Measuring the prickly path with my steps
    When I spotted tiaras of textured tears
    My hands closed on a drooping droplet

    I stenciled lines over my eyelashes
    With the cold and fragile prismatic pearl
    It chilled my orbs waltzing with mortality
    And every life ever flashed before me


    I saw seeds sprouting and hope growing
    Those canopies camouflaged with coals
    Of a wellburnt night/life, that left moulds
    To shape more saplings, memories erased

    I saw emerging tides surge ahead, racing to
    Calm weeping shores that fist forgetfulness
    And let go of every embrace ever received
    Welcoming waves anew to swallow their souls

    I saw wings learn to fly and leave when they fall
    I saw beaks sing ballads and break away into songs
    I saw claws enwrap desires and erode energy
    I saw smiles blossoming and wilting as tears

    Seeking a sense betwixt the sonnet of souls
    I'm bereft of hues to exorcise the tale of existence
    What shade soars to dawn and what soaks dusk ?
    Why repeat cycles of miraging charm in a deserted universe?


    Then I saw infant footprints in the shore of life
    They enlarged till eternity got cropped out
    And got erased by waves of time and space
    But they left marks of unconditional love

    The moment I felt the imprints of undated love
    My heart went berserk and burst into prayers
    I reckon that this land is a library of undying love
    Sowed in square meters of soul-lengths, all over

    All dreams and desires, wishes and woes, lies and lores
    Deepens when it get drenched, flames up when it catches winds
    All lives are vessels, whether they wield victory
    Or wear wounds, the war they wage must go on

    We are all turtle vines of tragic tears
    Falling down to feel the womb again
    So do I sing, discerning droughts and floods
    That no soul is left behind, all counts to reap love

    I trudge further, seeking the shelter of my soul
    Knowing I've left my marks, rest is upto time

    ©ak_anjali_daydreamzz || beaming with an unsetting sun
    and an unending moon