• fairytales_ 31w

    And the thing about flowers is we have to get buried first to take birth

    Beneath the most fertile soil
    I was sowed in the cold evening
    when starving surface tasted
    a tiny drizzle of endearing rain

    After a while, I was evolved
    into a small flower
    robust roots in ooze
    gave rise to the
    soft branches of mine,

    Happiness captured my soul,
    when I first started to sprout
    excitement passes through
    my green leaves to the end
    of my limbs

    But little did I knew
    I would be cursed to myself,
    they picked me up
    for their eyes,
    I was just a pretty little flowers
    who was born to satisfy their desire
    when I was just wondering how to
    blossom on my own
    they pluck my half-grown petals,
    I was dead,
    before I could even live

    I was born beautiful,
    and they adored me
    I was admired by all
    innocent eyes,
    who had a slight
    glimpse of me
    besides beauties and praises
    little did I knew
    my significance would be thorns

    I'm an elegant rose who is known for it's
    drastic thorn.
    Don't touch me for
    what you have heard of me
    I'm more tricky than what
    you imagined about me,
    I would pierce you
    way deeper than the ocean of tears


    11'45 am