• akshiwrites 14w

    Tell me ,
    how many times
    did you bury
    your soul in the
    soil of melancholy
    to let the plant
    of poetry bloom?

    Oh, dear heart!
    Despite being so broken,
    how do you look
    in the face of adversity
    with such intensity!

    Oh, dear heart!
    Despite being scattered
    all over the place, how do
    you still dream of building a
    castle of love!

    In the garden of Life,
    you were the most
    yet delightful
    Oh, dear childhood,
    Why did I ever
    allow you
    to die?

    If I show you how thorns have
    pricked every inch of my heart,
    would you still view
    it as a flowerbed?

    Dear diary,
    I heard, your tender-hearted pages
    hold giant secrets while mighty hearts
    of humans crumble under them.
    I just wanted to know, would you protect mine?

    Nothing lasts here
    happiness or grief,
    what makes life worth it then?

    O giver! Owner of
    The generous heart,
    How have you mastered
    this art?
    Don't you ever
    feel hurt, by day
    and night playing this
    part? Doesn't it
    tear your soul apart?

    How can I ever be left alone when I have whole universe to turn to?

    To the people who are judgmental
    Do you realise it could prove detrimental?
    I ask, Is it essential?


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