• kairos_ 74w

    Shushed words
    have lived under a rock
    too heavy to lift
    easing themselves
    on my tongue
    when brave fingers
    pointed out
    at talking statues, that
    never listened,
    in vain.

    Never quiet,
    my pebble of opinions
    was thrown,
    skipped the surface
    only to drown
    into the
    river bed where
    its unheard brothers
    lay asleep,

    Beating loud,
    questions went unanswered
    my heart turned
    to stone,
    that once invited all
    with warmth
    now built a cold wall
    around, brick by brick
    never to break,
    ears and mouth.

    - T.S.

    Picture credits - Me

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    Bold and Boulder?

    "Some day
    ever listening mountains
    will crumble to
    silenced sands of time."