• ochuiaa 10w


    Strong and resilient she remains
    For she's the gateway
    Wide apart, she emerges
    With splendor.

    As she creates the path
    Smooth and sleek
    Bearing the pains of a child's birth.

    As she lay flawless
    with all emotions buried
    Just to make a path,
    As she endures hardship.

    Gulping and absorbing it all like mother Earth,
    she remains strong and silent just to see me glows
    as I walk freely with no glitch.

    For she sacrifices herself
    Assimilating all of it
    for me to enjoy its comfort.

    With a bright beautiful smile that concealed
    Every pain with assurance.

    As she remains faithful in her path
    What a caring creature?

    © Ochui A A