• sheenacatherinebelle 6w

    My Ode to Moon...

    One day I was staring at the night sky,
    During that dark scary night.
    The clouds were on the nine, hiding him.
    Suddenly a bright light flashed into my veins,
    Dazzled my eyes.
    I winked my eyes in the amazement.
    Then the moon beautifully smiled at me.
    He's been with me all the time.
    His cresent smile anchored my soul.

    I said to him,
    You're the most beautiful to everyone's eyes, but to my eyes I feel you standing alone in this dark,
    You're the most beautiful to everyone during these swallowing dark nights but to me I see you hiding behind the clouds out of fear.
    To me You're the most beautiful whenever I'm feeling alone because you remind me of "Myself".
    You're the most beautiful whenever I feel lost to share my long nights.
    You're the most beautiful of all.

    Shyness blushed his face,
    He smiled more than ever.
    He's my beautiful moon.
    His charm bewitches every hearts,
    Like a honeysuckle, He is sweet.
    I'm losing myself in his shine.
    He's my beautiful Moon.
    My Beautiful He...