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    Note to remember
    1. Your poems are beautiful not because you win pod,
    But because your poems are beautiful, you win pod.
    (And even if it doesn't, it matters not - the quality is not diminished. And you can put an extra effort to make it phenomenal)

    2. Look for great poems not because they look for yours.
    Remember not to be like some who are attracted by looks only.

    3. You can be a great poet without being a reader.

    4. Sophisticated words are not the key to great poems.
    But do not forget to increase the size of your vocabulary and metaphors cupboards

    **I see one taking (borrowing/stealing) a couple of lines fom my last poem and add to his poem! Maybe you loved them - l understand. But how do we account for when our poems (no matter how small) are published? Try to write your own. Sometimes the gist may be same, but do not use word for word.

    Sorry, I couldn't reply to all your compliments. I may have failed or missed your work. Forgive me. I say I did my best to read your works - but I missed sometimes.

    Love you, wonderful poets.

    Good Bye. I won't be writing here anymore.

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    Goodbye poets

    I'm a drop of ink in the sea of poems,
    A queer one among priceless stones;
    Yet you add add rhythm to my rhymes,
    A constant star to my wandering lines.

    My words come not close to your love,
    Times you keep me on cloud nine above;
    I leave my gratitude fresh as silver dew
    And gift this poems as a necklace to you.

    Though goodbye has to keep us apart
    Poems will bring back home our hearts;

    Someday, whether I find you on a hardcover
    Or you rescue me from a soiled newspaper;
    There we would shed a tear and wear a smile -

    Far away yet too close to see each other,
    So close yet too far to hear from each other.