• maestral 7w

    Freezing December

    "December is beautiful isn't it?
    What would you say,
    if you ever meet December in person?"
    she asked
    looking at a distant blizzard
    sparking the horizon too far..

    The mercury is dropping
    Birds have flown on
    Rising from my Lazarus sleep
    To face what lies beyond
    But the freezing days of winter
    Have me in their grip
    The winds howling in the treetops
    Freeze my fingertips
    I walk through endless days
    Collar pulled up around my ears
    Staring at the shopfronts
    As the traffic soon disappears
    It seems as the sun is fading
    I think about the times
    There are people going nowhere
    Chasing dreams they'll never find.

    I still can see her smiling
    Clear as a summer's day
    It's easy to remember
    To remember her that way
    And the days are getting colder
    They drop without a sound
    Those freezing days of December
    Come around.

    Sitting silent by the fire
    As the flames crackle and burn
    I spend my time reflecting
    As the weather slowly turns
    Those freezing days of winter outside the door
    Her face now just an echo of what went before.

    The northern winter beckons
    Of seasons rich and poor
    Now she's gone and I may follow
    Where I've never been before
    She held me when I was lonely
    And warmed those coldest nights
    Those freezing days of December
    Now have me in their sights.

    I found her looking at me for an answer.. Did I phase out?

    "Probably nothing. Let's head back, it's getting cold"