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    In the lonely lane,
    walkin through the cursed path,
    I find my solace in the shimmering stars,
    eclipsing even the radiant moonlight.
    When the whole town sleeps,
    I take up a brush and some paint and canvas,
    and give life to the gloomy night sky.
    Oh, I absolutely want to paint a starry night now!
    With shades of intense blue,
    I paint the swirling sad clouds,
    some strokes here and there,
    to make them look alive, moving.
    Ah, why do they look so sad like my painting,
    is there no one to admire them too?
    With chromatic yellow, I paint the enchanting
    golden lanterns(stars), the brightest one
    being the venus. "Oh! the lamps are burning
    and the starry sky is over it all! "
    They're not just eleven specks of dots
    dangling from the night sky,
    they make me dream, those stars,
    though my life is marred with nightmares
    that doesn't let me sleep.
    The luminescent cresent moon sits
    in the sprawling night sky,
    with thick strokes of yellow and orange,
    it seems to have fallen into a deep slumber.
    There's this wavy cypress tree, swaying
    to the rhythm of wind, the clouds curve around it,
    making a pattern in the sky.
    With hues of black, green and yellow,
    I paint the cypress like flames, they
    seem to be mourning the departure of night.
    Below the hills sleeps the sleepy town,
    with the howls of cold winds, yellow lights and
    the eerie silence of the night.
    There's a Church in the village
    that stands tall like an Eiffel tower,
    as if they're trying to reach for the stars in the sky.
    So divine and ethereal is the starry night
    with it's calmness and colours,
    I truly behold this magnificent sight!
    If there's any way to reach those white pearls,
    it's only through death,
    oh death! take me to the infinity.


    ~Inspired by Van Gogh's Starry night.
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    Starry Night

    When I have a terrible need of-
    shall I say the word- religion,
    then I go out and paint the stars.

    ~Vincent van Gogh