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    Somedays words hug me with solace,
    on other days they leave me stranded
    with faces wide awake.

    Somedays poetry knocks on my door,
    on the other days it refuses to show
    its sweetness to my core.

    There are days I'm thoughtless,
    there are days I'm blank.

    Days where happiness bundles up,
    to make me feel each alphabet.

    Days where sadness creeps in
    and injects each verse in me;
    as if I'm following a dead.

    And then there are days like this,
    when words don't show up,
    when I don't feel like wording myself.
    When it all feels bizzare,
    When each sentence, inflates
    my lungs. When words just
    remain words.

    No less.
    No more.