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    4 years. Period.

    So four years back on August 20th I had installed Mirakee and this marks another year of my stay in the home. It wouldn't be wrong if I say that Mirakee has helped me travel a lot. Travel in time to repair a childhood home, to say the last goodbye, travel in distance to the window of my helpless grandmother, to all the homes I left without a smile, to Sunita who talked about crows and ants, to Amma who adopted every stray cat she came across and you. I have travelled to so many of you through your stories.

    It would have so great if my feed was a collection of my art like it is for many out there but it's not. It is merely a catalogue of my vulnerabilities and to anyone who has ever read me here, no words would do justice to the nostalgia, smiles and tears you have brought me. The women of my poems who are infact all real, living, brave women will be so proud of them if/when they come to know that they are all read so keenly.



    @phoenicorn holla dost :")

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    August 20