• theinkdomain 39w

    Drops dripping down the window-pane
    As i walk through a nearby lane
    Soaked supple surface setting in preface
    As i tap my feet flat on the terrace
    Panaromic petrichor perfume drowns me in
    As i feel zephyr puffing a kiss to my chin
    I ponder how softly it falls on the ground
    Dressing the green in a dreamy crown
    Magpie chirps melody as it pins to it's nest
    With raindrops filtering away her day's dust
    Legion pits enticing rain to fill them up
    And i bring back a souvenir clutching the cup
    Sizzling symphony pours the lonely hearts
    And a wisteria wills an aid of healing arts
    Does the wind make bells chime
    or it's the sound of Rimjhim?
    I wonder how it turns me up
    His love or the sirimiri heat?
    I find myself flitting to every beat



    Much obliged♡ @writersnetwork

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    And I fall for you the same way rain falls for you
    Over and over, again and again