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    900th post!
    A very long journey indeed. I don't know how I could write that many verses. Maybe there was so much inside my mind that I kept writing and filling blank pages... without even realizing how far I've come. A big share of this journey, I owe to all lovely Mirakeeans, who've stood by my side no matter what. Sometimes my write ups were totally trash but you guys always motivated me to keep writing.

    There's an issue, I'd like to address at this time. I've been told multiple times earlier also and lately this complain has increased manifold... Many Mirakeeans have pointed out that I always write gloomy and depressing stuff. That I'm spreading negativity and pessimism.
    That's not what I intend to do. Never in my wildest dreams.
    Writing is not my hobby, profession or pastime. It's medicine to my soul. I write for myself. And I write only what I feel. And I'm sorry that I feel negative emotions more than positive ones. To any person who had to face any emotional turbulence because of my write ups, I sincerely apologize from the depths of my heart.
    I'd especially like to thank @nirbhao_nirvair and @forelsket for supporting me in this issue. Your words helped me tide over the guilt of spreading negativity.
    If there's any complain or any issue pertaining to what I write, feel free to mention in the comments section below.
    If your praise keeps me going, your criticism helps me improve ❤❤

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    I know my words are sad.
    But I swear, my intentions are never bad.
    I just want to write
    all that I've kept inside
    through the years, through the tears.
    I'm just trying to make sense
    of whatever goes on in my head.
    I feel and I feel way too deep.
    Tears and smiles,
    heartaches and blurred sights,
    come naturally to me.
    If not on paper,
    they'd leave a stain on my being.
    So I just write, to help my mind.
    And hope to maybe, touch a few more lives
    that have been suffocating silently inside.