• clichepenname 24w

    Dear water ,

    Should I write about the water that goes through everyone’s bridges? Or should I write about the source of all waters?

    Sometimes I feel like a thespian
    A clever sheep in sheep skin
    Wolves will be endangered some day

    Sometimes I feel like a plebeian
    Giggling at rhyming sobriquets
    Forged in convoluted conversations

    But water.....hmmm, where does 70% of you come from ?
    I like talking in metaphors and idioms, so if you thought this was about actual water, stop reading and stroke a beard. If you don’t have one, go to the person who’s closest to you and maybe stroke his/hers. Hey it’s 21st century, women can grow them too. If anyone’s offended please join the line. File a grievance. I’ve been offending people since I was born.

    Okay back to artistry now
    “Sonnets, rhymes, meter, syllables”
    Bidets are better than tissues
    Like free verse is better

    Thoughts wander on dunce floor
    No you read it right
    We all are going to dunce by the end
    Of this tirade of transient thoughts

    Water under our bridges
    We peep at it through hindsight only
    And then check ourselves in heartbreak hotel

    So this water what can be done?
    Can we mix it with grogs and be Devdas
    Or we put it in a kettle and
    Let muscles get some steam (I did that, I suggest other boys to do it too)

    No, you dirty brains, it means exercise
    Or use water as ink, it can create masterpieces
    I have seen and read them, albeit not in the past 2 months

    Idjits worry about their ❤️ digits
    Or about loops at bottom right corners
    So all I wanted to say is “ Drink water, stay hydrated and don’t go after digits”

    ❤️ Digits have the same value as fidget spinners
    One day they’re cool and next day your poems will cringe at them
    So use water as fuel for your masterpieces

    This was entirely based on an idiom. If you didn’t get that, the difference between idiom and you is just one letter.

    Yours truly,

    Dunce Master


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    This is truly meant to offend only. If you’re looking for sarcastic poetry. Well well you’re in luck. Get a plebeian partner and head on to the dunce floor. I’m already there.

    Ps: For casual readers, the last two lines of my “poem” are enough.