• miraquill 9w

    Van Gogh's Bed 

    is orange,
    like Cinderella's coach, like
    the sun when he looked it
    straight in the eye.

    is narrow, he sleeps alone,
    tossing between two pillows, 
    while it carried him
    bumpily to the ball.

    is clumsy,
    but friendly. A peasant
    built the frame; and old wife beat
    the mattress till it rose like meringue.

    is empty,
    morning light pours in
    like wine, melody, fragrance,
    the memory of happiness.
    This poem has been written by Jane Flanders about the popular painting of Van Gogh -The Bedroom. 

    --Today, write a poem celebrating your favourite work of art--
    It can be a painting, song, movie, book or poem.

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