• ratha_virus 86w


    Voice into alphabets

    Prison gates are opened, I wondered.
    My eyes, used to be in dark, snubs when seeing the light!
    Fresh air of freedom all I breath

    I don't know the exact day or time.
    While walking, someone shouted "can I come with you?", but I rebuffed for my own goodness.
    Bare legs on the grass, chill land and the chill ness passed through my nerves bones and veins and ceased at my heart. An avid freshness, I felt.

    I'm able to move my hand freely out of my nerve problem. Loosen hair. No more people to comment on me, about my attire, my hair, my decisions or anything about me, as I have walked a very long distance from my past. I'm alone, but I felt happy,
    For no more ordinances of the crucial society I should follow, no more cast differentiation, colour discrimination, no more deathly rules

    I remembered saying about me to people, some laughed, some shocked, "you are just a little girl."
    Of course I'm little but the most bitter truth is I'm a girl, right?
    A girl who is oppressed by the society.
    A society which has no logic, on teaching one to become what they like apart from her dreams, desires and talents.
    But I'm lucky, as I'm saved from being a wife to some unknown stupid consort, as I'm now on my own

    Long away from past, This is a new world, I met.
    Unknown people, unknown language, unknown culture. Infront, I'm just like a newly born baby.
    Where I can start my new life, competing with my
    Sorrows of loneliness conquering with my happiness of departure, living on with my own dreams and desires, where I can use my talents to thrive hard to live. Made my mind..... I'm the only responsibility to me

    Happy, when this 5 minute happiness in dreaming this, come true....
    It's all my dream, no technology or money or relationship, I yearn for...but a life which I could live
    As truly me.
    Its all the dream of every agonizing girl in conventional societies, every woman in the world where no equality is felt even it's said

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