• pinkfloyduwu 9w

    Day to night, the only voice I heard is mine.

    My body is numb and my heart is dank,

    I screamed at the shadows of the past but no response I get,

    This darkness is devouring my soul and there is no warmth have to free me, from myself—

    Why no voice has reached my dull senses, why has my voice been unheard in all this eternity,

    Is there no human to call me by my name, is my voice going to be unheeded then lost forever by the gluttony of cruel time?

    So stumbled my voice and hands gesture towards a silver mien; a glamour of beauty, with marble-like, shone her skin—

    Eyes glinted like moon reflect on nights sea, and lips parted to each other like a crimson red field by a deep chasm,

    And all I've talked is talk of her glory — but not a word she had spoken and I doubt even have look at me — listen is all she has does,

    And that's enough for me to take repose in, so winds blew and she's gone; a shadow of past, a shadow of my regret, a shadow Of my reminiscent humanity, a shadow of my unfulfilled love,

    A letter that never gets to his address and God silence remain.